‘Imagination’ becomes ‘Reality’

Persona Inc.

Persona Inc., a creative group led by Director CHOI Chul Ki was initiated with the goal of building an environment where creators can focus on the creation.
It intends to create a network environment in order for creators with expertise to share their work with more freedom and experiment.
Through this, it aims to introduce more creative and in-depth cultural products.
Persona is aiming to create cultural products that the whole world enjoys together beyond Korea and dreaming to make their cultural products become a bridge connecting ‘personal life’ and ‘art’.
Through this, it wants all the actors involved in the play of life to freely express themselves and proceed to create original works.
Since its establishment, it started , a joint celebration of Korea/China for 2008 Beijing Olympics, created and demonstrated Seoul Performing Arts Company , and Gyeongju World Culture Expo theme performance in 2011.
The works above, including , became world-class performances to represent South Korea.
Persona Inc. will become a creation-specialized group to represent South Korea as a global content company.