The most delicious musical 'Bibab' performance in the world

2019-07-23 15:40

Along with the cold wind, the college admission mathematics ability test season has come. The weather, which is so cold that the word 'Han-Pae Han' is a proper name, makes me think of the test.

The Korea Foundation for Arts and Culture (Chairman: Kwon Min-ho) is preparing a special performance for young people who have spent a lot of time preparing for their high school and college admission.

The non-verbal performance 'BIBAP' performed at the Grand Theater of the Geoje Culture and Arts Center on November 16th is recognized as one of the most delicious musicals in the world prepared with recipes such as food, b-boxing, beatbox and a cappella. Is designed as an exciting stage where special discounts of 3% and 3% are given to students.

The delicious musical Bebop, which was born in 2008 as 'Bebop Korea', started as part of the Korean Food Globalization Project and participated in the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, recognizing the excellence of Korean food and performance culture to the world, As well.

Kim Ho-il, director of the Geoje Culture and Arts Center, who is preparing for the performance, said, "This performance is a quality performance that shows the efforts of the Geoje Culture & Arts Center leading the personality education of local youths. Thing ".

For more information on the delicious musical "BIBAP", which is as popular as K-POP in the world, please contact the homepage ( by phone (055-680-1000) You can be informed.