Bibop's new name 'Musical Chef' (CHEF) performance

2019-07-23 15:46

The musical 'Chef', hosted by the Mungyeong Culture and Arts Center and the Korea Culture and Arts Center Association, will be on display at the Mungyeong Culture and Arts Center for two days on October 20th and 21st as part of the 2017 Cultural Empathy Project.

The musical 'Chef' is a performance musical with a variety of genres such as beatbox, a cappella, and b-boeing. It is a new upgrade to the performance that was loved by the title 'Bebop' in 2011.

Particularly, actors and actresses will exhibit beatboxes without special effects or recordings, and audiences will order food directly during performances.

Tickets are 6,000 won per ticket. On October 13th, tickets will be sold on the spot (office of grand master's office) and online booking ( For more information, please visit 550-8949 or visit the Mungyeong Culture and Arts Center's website at