[EVENT] Musical Chef Homepage Renewal Event

2019-10-08 18:54
Upgraded "BIBAP" new name musical CHEF!
Watching the delicious performance CHEF and get gifts at the same time!

1. Booking tickets via website or telephone.
2. Showing the event page at the ticket box on the day of performance.
3. Getting the gift (CHEF related MD) and enjoy the performance.
Event period : the show on 10/1~11/30

Based on the date of viewing, we will present a small gift to the customer who has visited us until November 30.
You can get the gift only when you show the event page at the ticket office
It’s difficult to get the gift after the performance start, please show the event page while you are finding your ticket.
The gift will be the CHEF related MD, and it will be change according to the situation.

Reservation :+82/2-766-0815